Welcome to Taipei

Taipei city is located in the Taipei Basin in northern Taiwan with 121.6 degrees east and 24.9 degrees north, which possesses 272 square kilometers area and 2.63 million population. Region extends east to the Nangang District, west to the Guandu District, South to Wenshan District, and north to the Beitou District. Its characteristics involve the green leisure, arts, humanities, history and culture. City flower is Azalea; City bird is Formosa blue magpie and City tree is Banyan. Taipei has a great location and the traffic facilities, which includes first MRT system in Taiwan and several high-speed roads.

The cultural kaleidoscope of Taiwan's capital city pulses wherever you go. Incense-veiled temples dating back to dynastic times blend seamlessly with a neon street life of a decidedly more modern era. Taipei has dozens of world-class restaurants where gourmets can sample the best regional Chinese cuisines; and for the gourmand, there are plenty of night markets serving up scrumptious evening snacks in an environment of chaotic excitement and fun.

The polarities of Taipei are vividly present with the joining of the urban and natural worlds. Just a few minutes away from the heart of the city you can soak away the cares of the world in mineral-rich hot springs nestled in the lush mountain foothills ringing the Taipei Basin. And throughout the city there are plenty of trails, parks, and other oases of tranquility to lift and invigorate your spirits.

Whether you are just stopping over en route to another Asian destination, or planning a longer stay, Taipei is a multi-faceted treasure that will call you back again and again.

Discover the heart of Asia in beautiful Taipei