Academia Sinica (AS) in Taipei, Taiwan, and the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) are pleased to present the 2015 2nd AAS-in-Asia conference: “Asia in Motion: Ideas, Institutions, Identities,” to be held on 22-24 June 2015 in Taipei. The conference has attracted proposals of panels and roundtables of broad and diverse interests, including humanities and social sciences, as well as some professional fields such as law, policy making and journalism.

This event is the second of a series of such meetings held regularly at different locations in Asia. In creating a smaller version of its annual North American conference, the AAS seeks panels with a mix of scholars and reflective practitioners from Asia, the USA and other parts of the world.

The Association hopes to spark off new and fruitful areas of collaboration by bringing together Asian specialists based outside of Asia and Asian-based scholars as well as practitioners whose routine expertise is not foregrounded as “Asian.”

Academia Sinica is very happy to continue the legacy launched by the National University of Singapore in 2014.  Taipei is not only a cosmopolitan city but also a cultural center of diversity. We welcome you to join us and explore its immense possibilities.

Benefits and Opportunities for Exhibitors and Advertisers

The 2015 AAS-in-Asia Conference will be held at the Academia Sinica, the most preeminent academic institution in Taiwan. It aims to provide an excellent opportunity for scholars of humanities and social sciences, as well as specialists from professional fields such as law, policy making and journalism to meet each other in Taipei.

This year we have made a conscious effort to develop a programme that gives advertisers and exhibitors the maximum exposure to the participants. An advertising section will be arranged in the program book that it will reach to 500+ participants. Also, the exhibition will take place at the corridors on Level 4, Public Affairs Committee of H.S.S. Building which is located at the same venue as the Conference. No matter your level of involvement you can be guaranteed to enjoy:

Direct Market Access

Either joining the exhibition or advertisement, you can meet with those scholars and specialists around the world face-to-face.

Enlarging Networking & Partnership

The goal of the exhibition and advertisement is to stimulate networking and promote global collaboration in the academic and research community.

Maximizing business exposure

At least 500 hard copies of the program and electronic version will be available on the conference website for downloading. Advertisement in the program will reach a large number of scholars and specialists as well as government officials in charge, faculty members, librarians, independent researchers, graduate students and members of the public interested in Asian studies.

Business Reputation Enhancement

The Conference offers a platform for profile building and broadening. Limited exhibition spaces and advertisement opportunities create a great chance to build brand awareness while strengthen existing channels.

We believe that your support and participation in 2015 AAS-in-Asia Conference will result in more direct opportunities for your business. We heartily invite you to join us in the 2015 AAS-in-Asia Conference!

For more information about exhibition and advertisement opportunities, please contact Judy LIN, Conference Secretariat at service@2015aas-in-asia.org.