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Professor Chi Pang-yuan, recipient of the 2015 AAS-in-Asia Lifetime Achievement Award.

All are welcome. Asia in Motion: Ideas, Institutions, Identities is open to anyone who are interested in the conference. AAS-in-Asia 2015You do not have to become an AAS member to register for the conference.

Guided tour to the National Palace Museum and dinner at the Silk Palace Restaurant!  Sign up now!!

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Academia Sinica (AS) in Taipei, Taiwan, and the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) are jointly organizing the 2015 2nd AAS ‐ in ‐ Asia conference: “Asia in Motion: Ideas, Institutions, Identities.” The three “I”s herein represent the challenges that Asia is facing and the possible contributions it could make in the rapid changes of globalization. This conference is designed to attract proposals of panels and roundtables of broad and diverse interests. We welcome scholars of humanities and social sciences, as well as specialists from professional fields such as law, policy making and journalism, to join us in Academia Sinica from June 22 ‐ 24, 2015.


As in the inaugural AAS ‐ in ‐ Asia conference in Singapore, we seek proposals dealing with the four regions covered by AAS (China nd Inner Asia, Northeast Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia) and on subjects from a wide range of scholarly disciplines and professional fields. We will entertain proposals for both single country and multi ‐ country studies. Panels may also cover topics historically covered by the AAS for its annual meetings. We particularly encourage panels formed with a mix of scholars and reflective practitioners from Asia, USA, and other parts of the world.


The 2015 AAS ‐ in ‐ Asia conference will be held at Academia Sinica, Taipei,Taiwan. Academia Sinica, the most preeminent academic institution in Taiwan, was founded in 1928 and moved to Taiwan after 1949. It is now an institution for advanced research with a worldwide reputation, aiming for opening up new areas of intellectual endeavor and taking a leadership role in launching new initiatives in applied areas to meet a broad spectrum of social needs in both Taiwan and Asia. It is hoped that organizing the 2nd AAS ‐ in ‐ Asia conference in conjunction with AAS will engage the academic and research community of humanities and social sciences in the modern academic vision and promote international collaboration and scholarly exchange.

Professor Fan-Sen Wang

Vice President, Academia Sinica




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